I have designed a range of products that vary from children's furniture to kitchen appliances. My degree in Product Design allowed me to explore a range of design areas and figure out which I enjoy the most. The projects included researching current products on the market, current environmental and social issues that need a solution and designing the product itself. My final year project was a solution to the current, growing issue of food waste and its contribution to global warming. After thoroughly researching the main causes of food waste in UK households it led to 90 possible solutions that was eventually narrowed down to my final design. The under-counter fridge drawer I designed uses smart glass technology to allow users to see all of their food under the kitchen counter without having to open the drawer. This reduces energy loss but also makes all of the users food more visible and organised. This design was chosen to go to New Designers in London and received a lot of interest.

I have always used hand sketching as a method of quickly documenting designs and communicating my ideas to other people. I have learnt how to use Promarkers to create life like and detailed product sketches that show what the design would look like as well as how they might work. Quick sketches can also be created to show how the shape or colour can be altered as well as the product in context. I have found hand sketching is much quicker and generates a lot more creative designs than, for example, drawing on the computer. 



As part of my degree we were required to create reports where we had to create infographics to communicate our research findings and designs. The layout and appearance of our reports were graded and required us to use Illustrator, InDesign and photoshop to create clear and aesthetic graphics.


One of my Final Year modules was branding. In this module we created a brand board to illustrate the brand values we wanted all branding material for our products to portray. This included a logo design, how our logo should and should not be used, font choices and a style of photography and styling that should be consistent throughout the website and all social media. These brand requirements were applied to a range of promotional material that was the most appropriate for advertising our specific products.

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